Coffee Table is Must and Should

Coffee Table is Must and Should

There are a lot of designs in the market from which you can choose a coffee table that fits perfectly in your living room. Before you go shopping for a coffee table, here are a few tips to consider.

  1. Notice The Proportions

    When choosing a coffee table, do not just concentrate on the dimensions of the table. Instead, take account of the other parameters in the room it will go with, like the sofas and the placement of the coffee table.

    The height of the coffee table shouldn’t be higher than the sofa that it looks awkward or too lower that it becomes difficult for people to bend down to reach it. It is best to choose a coffee table that is just two inches lower than the sofa, nothing more.

    Similarly, when it comes to the length of the coffee table, make sure that you don’t choose one which extends beyond the sofa. Typically, a coffee table should be two-thirds the size of the sofa or lesser depending on your other complementary furniture.

  2. Giving Enough Space Around

    As you are deciding the dimensions of the coffee table, make sure to take into account the size of the room and the other things in it. A coffee table shouldn’t be a hurdle for people to walk around or be in the way of any shelves or other tables.

    Keep this in mind while choosing the shape of the coffee table. With the dimensions in hand, you can select the right size based on the clearance you need on the sides to walk around freely. For a smaller room, a circular coffee table will suit better giving sufficient space around without cluttering the room. Similarly, for a bigger room, a rectangular coffee or an oval coffee table will fit in just right.

    Based on your room, decide on the shape of the coffee table.

  3. Consider The Functionalities

    Depending on what you intend to do with the coffee table, see if a coffee table with a shelf or a storage space will be better. For those who entertain guests, coffee table with wheels may be useful to bring in teapots and biscuits on it.

  4. Choosing The Materials

    The material of the coffee table plays a large part in its compatibility with the room and also with the people around. If you have children or pets around, then a glass top coffee table is out of the question.

    Take a look around the room and see what material would fit in. If you are in a wooden house or have a hardwood floor, then again going with a wooden coffee table would be boring. You can go with an acrylic coffee table or a marble top table. Similarly, if you have leather sofas around, you may pick some good wooden coffee table or if possible some glass ones.

  5. Being Creative

    Instead of going for the usual kind of coffee table, you can try to choose a funky designed coffee table which pulls the attention.

    Who said coffee table should be singular? Mix and match small tables of different sizes and heights to add a cool look to the place. Sometimes, ottoman may be an excellent alternative to a coffee table for your family.


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